Why BCE & CE suck

We are committed to dispelling the myth that all atheists are anally-retentive politically correct anticultural robots that support using BCE and CE as euphemistic replacements for the much more practical and appropriate original terms — BC and AD.

Just like the days of the week and some months are named for Roman and Norse deities, the calendar epoch that the entire world uses is based on an erroneous estimate of the birth year of Jesus of Nazareth, worshipped as “Christ” or “the Messiah”. The terms used (BC/AD) are biased toward Christianity, but that is to be expected as the system is Christian itself. BC/AD should not be seen as “religious” terms to non-Christians, they should just be accepted as common usage terms like Tuesday, Wednesday or June.

To call the BC/AD system “Common Era” is to remove the history from the system, and to deny students the cultural and historical information about what the year 2011 means.


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